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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Thank you very much for your prayers. Here’s how God answered your prayers.

Good Friday was a beautiful day. This day is considered by Filipinos as the most sacred day of the Holy Week. Most people consider it taboo to work or travel on this day. We had a morning service to remember the sacrifice, suffering, and death of our Lord Jesus Christ to atone for our sins.

  • There were about 150 adults, and about 50 children that attended the service. They came from 10 villages. Nobody had to hike long distances this time because there is a cemented road now. Many came on a motorbike, and tricycle.

  • We were still required to wear masks, but we did not have to observe social distancing. So we had a great fellowship.

  •  After three years of absence, there were many people who were new to me. Many of them were our young people who have grown.

  • My message that day was based on the promise that Jesus made to the criminal who asked to be remembered when He comes to his Kingdom. Jesus solemnly promised to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Behind the verbal exchanges before Jesus made this promise is the bare backbone of the gospel of salvation. I tied it with 1 Corinthians 15:3-5.

  • After the service we had Bible Studies on Luke 14:15-24. People were divided into four groups, with each group was led by one of our pastors. 

  • We had fellowship lunch, and it was great time to catch up with one another.

On Saturday evening, we had a film showing. We showed the movie “Magdalena.” There were not as many people because only those who live in the villages close to Dibagat came.

On Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and we also had communion. We also had testimonies of how the Lord spoke to some of the people.

  • My short message focused on Mary Magdalene, who stayed behind at the tomb while the disciples went back home after seeing the grave clothes lying inside the tomb.

  • During the testimony time, several people shared what they learned from God’s Word.

    • One lady shared her struggle against people who mistreated her. Then she said, “I learned that we can’t forgive if we don’t know how the Lord Jesus forgave us.”

    • Another one said, “Even if life is difficult if we have God to help us, it becomes easier.”

    • Another older lady said, “I like the second of the last words of Jesus which says ‘Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing,’ because that’s what I pray when people mistreat me.”

    • An older man also said, “I thank the Lord Jesus because I am now inside His “pen.” This is his way of saying that he is now included in God’s kingdom.

    • Another man said, “When we don’t want to believe in Jesus, we have so many reasons.”

    • There were others who shared their testimonies, but it was hard for me hear them because the spoke so soft and were also wearing face masks.

The pastors were so busy when I left, and I did not have time to talk to them about how the Lord used them. I might hear from them a little later.

God was praised and glorified, and the people were blessed in all our activities on Good Friday and on Resurrection Sunday. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Joyfully serving the Lord Jesus in partnership with you,


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Proud of their heritage

Learning about God

Reading their own Bibles after the revision of the New Testament

Sunset over Dibagat mountains

Amazing sunset in the mountains of Dibagat

Celebrating God's Word in Isnag

Isnag Celebration at the Jaars Center

Dibagat, Philippines

Dibagat is in the province of Apayao, in the northern Philippines on the island of Luzon.

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